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Dr. Gerard Gibbons and Dr. Perry Bosmajian

Dr. Gerard Gibbons & Dr. Perry Bosmajian

We are delighted you are here.

We offer digital media services and tools to drive user engagement, compliance and behavior change in healthcare, marketing, learning, and business.

You have arrived at the intersection of health information and persuasion where the science of health behavior change moves beyond facts, graphs, pages of text, readiness models and other forms of information overload.  The story of healthcare providers and patients alike has been one of frustration, where encouragement, lectures, pamphlets, and increased availability of health data fail to create desired change for prevention or compliance.

We believe that the digital health revolution will not live up to its full potential until the first technology – storytelling – is integrated into the latest technology. Read More…


Is your story as powerful as your technology?

Welcome - Dr. Gerard Gibbons

Dr. Gerard Gibbons

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Emotive Storytelling and The Challenge of Change

What is change?  Most agree that “change” is the only permanent aspect of the universe. Scientists acknowledge that matter changes — matter is the elementary substance of life. Evolutionary biologists tell us that our survival as a species, has depended on genetic changes. Over the ages, humans have had to adapt to a constantly changing environment. […]

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Inspired Listening

We’ve all faced a scenario like this: we sit through a meeting, presentation or conference, listen to catch what we can, take lots of notes, and then think to ourselves “Good—I got it” as the situation ends. But did we really? Did we understand what the speaker was trying to communicate? (more…) Be Sociable, Share! […]

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Emotive Storytelling: The Me To We Factor

Let me tell you a story about what a guy named Peter Guber has learned about storytelling.  Peter Guber is a successful film producer whose films have earned over 3 billion dollars and have captured 50 Academy Award nominations.  He is also an owner of two major league sports franchises.  So he’s got some cred.  […]

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The Best Story Wins

Years ago, mealtimes in many homes meant story time – retellings of work experiences, report cards and bargains. When friends, uncles and aunts came to visit and mealtimes were longer, there was more storytelling, gossiping and laughing. (And yes, crying and arguing were part of those stories, too.)  (more…) Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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Storytellers Need Storylisteners

He can only hear his story: He found her in bed with another man when he returned from an important mission. She can only hear her story: She’s tired of being his second wife – the military is his first. They’ve got four kids. And along with their wedding vows, they promised each other an ugly […]

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The Journey Begins Before the Uniform Comes Off

Joe read the Go Army ads and enlisted. He’s a good guy. Not Harvard or Stanford material, but a hard worker, a guy who knows that courage is acting in spite of fear. He was also thinking about the post-deployment perks when he signed the papers. So he goes through kick-butt training, gets deployed, gets […]

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Dr. Gerard Gibbons Speaks at National Surgical Symposium about Emotive Storytelling and Narrative Communication

MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY WEEK 2013 ANNUAL MEETING & ENDO EXPO RESTON, VA (WASHINGTON DC) Future Technology  Emotive Storytelling and Narrative Communication were the first critical human technologies, fire came later. Listening to stories and telling them helped our ancestors to live humanly – to be human. But somewhere along the way our ability to tell stories was […]

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Emotive Storytelling: Thwart the Negativity Bias

We face issues in isolation. Despite the fact that our healthcare system, mental health treatment models and behavioral health interventions are often face-to-face centered or group support-focused, most people face their issues alone. Problems are most challenging when people are in their own space, place and moment. That means without their spouse, friends or healthcare […]

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King Cognos and The Wrong Brain™

King Cognos and The Wrong Brain™   ©2013 Let us tell you a story. In fact, even better… a fairy tale!  Once upon a time long ago in a kingdom far away, there were no written words.  Just stories — and everything important was taught through them.  Generation after generation shared and passed on these […]

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