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Dr. Gerard Gibbons,
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Dr. Gerard Gibbons is a brand storyteller, story strategist, filmmaker, director, writer, author and eye doctor. He works at the convergence of media psychology, neuroscience and strategic communications. He creates at the intersection of art, health and technology.

Gerard’s 30 years of expertise spans healthcare, eyecare, behavioral health, resilience, wellness and prevention, military health, combat medicine, life science, virtual reality, robotics, information technology, cybersecurity, and advanced technology.  As a digital storyteller, he has written and created over 1200+ video, web, presentations, articles and interactive topics for numerous organizations and agencies with emphasis on customer engagement, emotional resonance and ease of understanding. He integrates storytelling with health, science and media to engage consumers, patients, professionals and leaders in a process of behavior change.

Gerard’s professional highlights:

Chief Storyteller, Founder and CEO, VISUAL EYES Inc. – The Power of Storytelling™. Founded 1985, VE leverages the viral power of the internet and emotional power of storytelling to helps global companies, Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs and government agencies inform, enlighten and influence audiences through neuroscience, digital media and mobility.  VE specializes in Emotive Storytelling, Mobile Health, Strategic Communications, Accelerated Learning, Enterprise Knowledge and Intuitive Marketing.

– Created Emotive Storytelling™ – The heart and science of persuasion™; ES is a unique resource and consultancy that specializes in brand storytelling, narrative strategies and media psychology to create engagement and encourage brand loyalty. A proprietary user engagement approach integrates cinematic technique, positive psychology, health IT, predictive analytics and mHealth promotion and wellness. The ES System optimizes design, development and delivery of digital media on PC, MAC, smartphones and tablets. Applications especially apply to emotive persuasion and behavior change.

– Editor-In-Chief, Founder and CEO,™  – A web-based knowledge center for observations and resources to drive user engagement, adherence and behavior change in healthcare delivery, marketing, education, and business. This website and blog is a relevant and timely resource targeted to decision makers for engaging consumers, leaders and professionals.  ”Emotive Storytelling com” was created to bring together science, information, people, and stories. The mission is to introduce an alternative method of persuasion to those who are responsible for influencing behavior leveraging the science of narrative communication, neuroscience, digital media, games and mobility.

– Created iSTORY Knowledge Platform™ for desktop, device and cloud-based delivery of accelerated learning to web and devices. Gerard is passionate about creating meaningful content for enhanced work, life and learning performance. He is laser focused on a “sticky” content, “mobility first” and social media.

– Created and developed the Emotive Storytelling System™ and the  Strategic Storytelling System™ for story strategy, research, content development and multi-platform delivery of digital stories.

– Created Resilient Life Health™ – a mobile health company focused on a positive psychology approach to mental health, prevention and wellness. RLH supports military members and families, national community health promotion initiatives and healthcare providers.

– Created Colors of Personality™ – a resource dedicated to improving lives of individuals and families by elevating understanding of relating styles and communication behavior.  Gerard is focused on the science and factors that shape personality.

– Created and developed Integrated Digital Content™ strategy, Hyper Learning™ user-engagement model and the “Just in Time, Just Enough, Just Right”™ concept of digital media delivery for eLearning, mHealth and eMarketing.

Engaged as a consultant, strategist, author, and producer of mobile health, enterprise learning, and digital marketing solutions by the Department of Defense, government agencies, and leading companies. Specialties: Emotive Storytelling, Resilience Skills, Strategic Communications, Accelerated Learning, Enterprise Knowledge, Intuitive Marketing.

Dr. Gibbons is actively involved with key health social media groups and communities: Defense Health Agency (DHA),, Military Health System Innovation, Navy Medicine, US Army Medicine, Psychological Health Providers for the Military Health Community, and Connected Health Community.  He is on the Board of Directors of the Personality Disorder Awareness Network –

Dr. Gibbons also serves as Chief Brand Storyteller and Brand Strategist for The Blake Project, a leading brand strategy consultancy. His focus is on story consulting. customer engagement, culture change and media  psychology.

His passions include music, guitar, photography, backpacking, fly fishing and fitness. Most importantly, he values family, a vibrant healthy daughter and fabulous friends.  For Gerard, it’s about the journey, meaningful relationships and being grateful.


Dr. Perry Bosmajian

Dr. Perry Bosmajian

Dr. Perry Bosmajian is a psychologist with 25 years of clinical experience in private practice, consultation and training in cognitive-behavior therapy, behavior management and behavior analysis. He has worked with the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, state and local governments, and community organizations.

In recent years working for a defense contractor for the Department of Defense, Perry led ground breaking work in the development of smart phone apps focused on resilience, mood and stress management. He also worked on developing a comprehensive behavioral health website for service members, veterans, and their families under the auspices of the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, a component center of the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Perry’s professional highlights:

– Developed and implemented web-based health behavior change models and smart phone apps for the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs in the area of deployment related psychological health and traumatic brain injury.

– Led development of T2 MoodTracker, a smart phone app developed as a self-monitoring tool for mood and daily experience for the National Center for Telehealth and Technology

– Led development of Provider Resilience, a smart phone app dedicated to support the resilience of healthcare providers, with the goal of reducing professional burnout and compassion fatigue.

– Led development of Breathe2Relax, a smart phone app developed to provide stress management information and teach diaphragmatic breathing.

– Developed web-based stress/resilience education and material for a health informatics company in the area of stress and resiliency using principles of positive psychology.

– Developed interventions for the treatment of behavior programs in children, developmentally disabled and chronically mentally ill.

– Published journal articles and gave invited presentations addressing issues associated with cognitive therapy, behavior management and applied behavioral analysis.

– Taught principles of behavior management at the undergraduate and professional school levels.

Specialties: research, consulting, published journal articles and numerous invited presentations addressing issues associated with cognitive therapy, behavior management and applied behavioral analysis.


Rosemary Clandos

Rosemary Clandos

Rosemary (Rosie) Clandos is a writer and educator who uses neuroscience to simplify learning. She has experience with effective teaching strategies for learning deficits.

Rosie’s work as a journalist has appeared in the Los AngelesTimes, Psychology Today, CBS HealthWatch and other publications. She reported on nanobiotechnology and microelectromechanical systems for NanoBiotech News and Small Times Media (currently, ElectroIQ). As a health and nutrition columnist, her weekly articles ran in more than 50 newspapers.

Some of her writing and editing projects included U.S. Department of Defense, and National Science Foundation. In addition, she has written for universities, medical centers and Kaiser Permanente. For the Brain Electrophysiology Laboratory at Electrical Geodesics, she wrote about informed consent and teaching strategies for traumatic brain injury patients.

Rosie is the author of Health Hunt on the Internet: Find and Use Reliable Medical Information.

She loves to share stories and help people of all ages to understand brain science so they can educate themselves, improve relationships and maximize health.


Thom Tran

Thom Tran

The path of least resistance is a road Thom Tran has never traveled. Written like a Hollywood script, it isn’t surprising that his path in life has taken him from a refugee camp in Thailand to the sound stages of Hollywood, with stops everywhere from the deserts of Iraq to the stages of comedy clubs in between.

Thom’s family came to the United States in 1980 as refugees after his father, a South Vietnamese Air Force Captain had escaped from a POW camp in Vietnam.

Torn between two cultures, Thom eventually followed in his father’s military footsteps and joined the Untied States Army in 1997. Then in 2003 while deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Thom was wounded in combat, he later lost a soldier and friend to an Improvised Explosive Device, and was later medically retired from the service he loved so much.

After several years of unsuccessful traditional medical treatments for his Post Combat Trauma, Thom found stand up comedy as a creative outlet for his demons. As the creator of the GIs of Comedy Tour, which brings together stand up comedians who are military veterans, Thom and his troupe of troops seek to heal with laughter.


Kela Holmes

Kela Holmes

Kela Holmes is writer and U.S. Army veteran. She is woman of unwavering faith, unbreakable forgiveness, a compassionate love for humans and a strong belief in its goodness – who just happens to be a real life military trained soldier and veteran.

Kela’s true passion is writing, talking, listening and loving. She is personally deemed the military version of Oprah that earned her BDUs and boots! Currently Holmes is finishing her Bachelors of Science in Business Communication and minoring in Strategic Intelligence.  Her goal is to foster a community that understands the delicate issues of military life, veterans and civilian responsibility.

With a hankering for getting to the bottom of issues through storytelling, metaphors and imagery, she is all about conversational therapeutic small talk with a friend wearing a pair of jeans and sharing a cup of coffee.

Kela is no stranger to trauma and has the stories to prove it. She is an example of strength, beauty and brilliant resilience with a heart bigger than her pain, and a love stronger than pride.


Fred Kepler

Fred Kepler

Fred Kepler  is a writer who has spent over 25 years serving as an editor and producer of military and corporate film, video and interactive education projects. He began his career as an associate film editor on The American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Awards for Fred Astaire, Frank Capra, and John Huston.  He learned the craft of storytelling by watching the Hollywood masters on these and subsequent projects with AFI and the Creative Film Center.

Fred has a broad experience in healthcare, medical, science and advanced technology applications.

Over the years he has written and produced programs for Johnson and Johnson, Disney Education Division, Hughes Aircraft and Boeing. Kepler’s experience extends to projects for the Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Fred’s personal experiences dealing with the effects of mental and physical illness in his family has led him to a keen appreciation of the value of emotional connection and narrative in healing.


Teresa Lynne

Teresa Lynne

Teresa Lynne is DBT Skills Peer and life coach who suffered for decades from the debilitating effects of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Years of searching for proper diagnosis and treatment eventually led her to an understanding of borderline personality disorder. Teresa gained control over her emotions and her life. Her research and mentoring included pioneering peer coach, Tami Green.

Teresa completed Tami’s intensive DBT coaching program, NEA-BPD’s Family Connections leadership training course, graduated from Martha Beck’s life coach training, Transformational Intensive Life Coaching by Master Coach Terry Demeo and is currently enrolled in the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology’s certification program.

Teresa is passionate not only about coaching those who suffer, she focuses on helping individuals and families become an important part of the therapeutic process through education. She believes that changing one’s own responses and behaviors will directly benefit the healing of the family as a whole.


Jeff Gibbons

Jeff Gibbons

Jeff Gibbons is a copy writer and editor for over three decades. His work experience includes healthcare, semiconductor technology, building construction and construction retail industry, and more recently clinical research and pharmacology.

He is a former writer/scriptwriter and PA for Visual Eyes Medical Inc. He was a communications specialist for GE-Americom and a marketing/technical writer and website coordinator for Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, now a Dow Chemical company. He conducted project research and planning, graphic design, technical documentation and managed the company’s Web sites.

With a degree in English/Journalism from Loyola-Marymount University of Los Angeles, in addition to corporate and technical writing, he has been a freelance writer and published in consumer and business magazines and periodicals.

Jeff currently works in the inpatient pharmacy at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Phoenix, AZ. He is a licensed PTCB certified pharmacy technician (CPhT) and a certified Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC). He initially also worked retail pharmacy for CVS-Caremark.

Jeff feels his ongoing hands-on hospital and community involvement enhances his knowledge of health care technologies, patient care procedures, pharmacy, and medical research which he incorporates into his writing.


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