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Dr. Gerard Gibbons and Dr. Perry Bosmajian

Dr. Gerard Gibbons & Dr. Perry Bosmajian

We are delighted you are here.

We offer digital media services and tools to drive user engagement, compliance and behavior change in healthcare, marketing, learning, and business.

You have arrived at the intersection of health information and persuasion where the science of health behavior change moves beyond facts, graphs, pages of text, readiness models and other forms of information overload.  The story of healthcare providers and patients alike has been one of frustration, where encouragement, lectures, pamphlets, and increased availability of health data fail to create desired change for prevention or compliance.

We believe that the digital health revolution will not live up to its full potential until the first technology – storytelling – is integrated into the latest technology. Read More…


Is your story as powerful as your technology?

Welcome - Dr. Gerard Gibbons

Dr. Gerard Gibbons

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Soldiers laugh while preparing to depart from Iraq at Camp Adder, now known as Imam Ali Base, near Nasiriyah

Healing Combat Trauma with Humorous Stories and Laughter

The last place you would probably expect to find a standup comedian would be in an Army uniform. But there I was for the better part of a decade, trying to make one of the most dangerous chapters of my life a laughing matter. Not because I didn’t take the Army seriously, much to the […]

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Brand Storytelling: Core Power for Business

“As I look back on my four decades in business, I see that persuading customers, employees, shareholders, media, and partners through telling to win (storytelling) has been my single biggest competitive advantage.”  (more…) Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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Blue Skies Over Battlefields

Life has taught me the importance of telling my story. I can’t afford not to now. Sharing it, I discovered I had value and a purpose. A personal commitment to help others helped me learn that. In the process I affirmed myself. But that’s not where I started. (more…) Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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Mirror, Mirror in the Group

The little boy loved to play army with his friends. There were the battles, the victories and the teamwork. As he grew older, he dreamed of doing something meaningful with and for other people. So he enlisted. But he never dreamed he would feel intense isolation after the battles ended and the teams disbanded. He […]

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Saved By My Own Story

It has been a painfully slow climb out of darkness. For a really long time, I allowed past traumas to run my life. Bad stuff happened. Years went by. I couldn’t get beyond it. That’s called stuck.  And being stuck sucks. (more…) Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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Stories Are The First Simulators

What by a beautiful moon this morning. The moon, I am inspired by how it was that we succeeded reaching it’s surface decades ago. (more…) Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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Stories Change Perspective

Hi, I’m Dr. Gerard Gibbons, on-location in the Owens Valley, one of the most magnificent landscapes in the world. A good place to demonstrate how important perspective, memories and stories can be. (more…) Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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Story vs. Narrative

Hello, I’m Dr. Gerard Gibbons with emotive storytelling.com with a few comments to share against the backdrop of this majestic scenery. Storytelling was the hot topic at the most recent SXSW interactive conference in Austin, Texas. (more…) Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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It’s All About Behavior Change

Let me ask you a question. What do these concepts have in common? Prevention, compliance, marketing, sales, assertive communication, setting limits, and incentives. Look closely. The commonality may not be obvious because they are each associated with diverse areas of endeavor including medicine, business, interpersonal relationships, morale building and parenting. Give up? (more…) Be Sociable, Share! […]

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Stories are Infectious

Tell me a story. How often have you heard that? As a parent, no doubt you have – many times from your kids.  Hello, I’m Dr. Gerard Gibbons founder of emotivestorytelling.com. There is always a tug on my heart when my little girl says daddy, tell me a story. And of course I love tell her […]

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