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If traditional approaches to behavior change don’t work, what will?

Hello and thank you for your interest. This is why our approach should matter to you. Consider what these concepts have in common… Prevention, compliance, marketing, sales, change management, branding and incentives.

The commonality may not be obvious because they are each associated with diverse areas of endeavor throughout healthcare and business. They all involve efforts to influence the behavior of others. Think about it. Marketing wants people to buy the products and services they represent. Doctors and insurance companies want patients to take their medication, lose weight, stop smoking and get in shape. Employers want their employees to support company missions and values, and follow standards and guidelines.


Yet, traditional efforts at persuasion, whether in healthcare or business, are often unsuccessful when they rely upon cognitive-based approaches to behavior change. Leaders frequently describe their frustration with the written word, Power Point charts, infographics and dashboards as they attempt to influence decisions of their employees, patients or consumers.

We can help. We believe that a truly innovative approach is to integrate the power of storytelling into the change efforts. Here’s why. We are at heart, emotional creatures. And stories, that by their very nature connect with us emotionally, drive our behavior to a far greater degree than reason despite our best efforts to hide that fact from ourselves. This is because the mind is a far better story processor than a logic processor, that is to say, we process meaning before detail.

There is plenty of evidence, both scientific and from our three decades of experience, that if emotive communication is part of the behavior change effort we are much more likely to succeed. Of course storytelling isn’t really new, it’s how behavior has been successfully influenced for millennia.

What is new is Emotive Storytelling. Combining this ancient wisdom with the modern insight of neuroscience creates user engagement, increases adoption of desired behavior change and lowers healthcare costs. This approach also drives strategic change in your organization and generates enduring emotional connections to your brand story.

Though helpful… information, data, medication, technology and apps by themselves don’t move people to change. People move people to change! That understanding is at the heart of

Contact us about creating your story. If you need to move people, let us help you get emotive now.

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Dr. Gerard Gibbons
Chief Storyteller and Founder

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Emotive Storytelling™ encourages behavior change through the use of narrative communication, neuroscience, digital media, games and mobility. Narrative Communication as a source of emotive persuasion and education has a long history and a sound scientific underpinning. Emotive Storytelling™ integrates the emotional power of the storytelling, cinematic technique, neuroscience, health games, mhealth (mobile health), digital tools and internet technology to drive user engagement, adherence and behavior change in healthcare delivery, marketing, education, and business.
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