Healing Stories from Survivors and Warriors #3

The Anatomy of a Story: Dr. Gerard Gibbons, Visual Eyes Inc.

We’d like to show you an example of a small part of an emotive story focusing on how emotions can be used to provide a powerful resolution to a story.  Healing stories, like most stories, have three elements of plot:  Conflict which identifies the problem to be solved; Climax, the point of highest tension, and Resolution, the end of the story. In this clip you see the sad resolution of a story about suicide.  This is indeed the end of the story.

All suicide training courses talk about how important it is to identify warning signs and to risk asking about suicidal intentions, even if you might be wrong.  This information is usually presented in a straight forward fashion using explanation as to the importance of taking these steps.  Often there is a suggestion that it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Remember, this is just the third part of our story–the resolution.  The full story would include the conflict, building to a climax.

It’s not hard to figure out what the climax to this story was, is it?  Would this video motivate you to take the risk of talking to someone you love who you think might be considering suicide?


Healing Stories from
Survivors and Warriors #1

Healing Stories from
Survivors and Warriors #2

Narrative Communication to influence healing stories

Emotive Storytelling™ encourages behavior change through the use of narrative communication, neuroscience, digital media, games and mobility.  Narrative Communication as a source of emotive persuasion and education has a long history and a sound scientific underpinning.  Emotive Storytelling™ integrates the emotional power of the storytelling, cinematic technique, neuroscience, health games, mhealth (mobile health), digital tools and internet technology to drive user engagement, adherence and behavior change in healthcare delivery, marketing, education, and business.
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