Hi, Glad you’re here. I’m Dr. Gerard Gibbons.

Every story has a beginning. Our journey with you starts here on Wildwood Mesa where modern storytelling made history.

There were over 300 movies and television episodes filmed right here since the early 1900’s including Spartacus, Wagon Train, The Rifleman and Gunsmoke. But even better, over 250 years ago, and preceding back through generations – the Chumash Indians – told stories around village fires on this mesa and the valley behind me. So this seemed like a great place to welcome you to a conversation about emotive storytelling. As modern people, we are just beginning to discover what the Chumash knew so long ago.

And that is stories have the power to change our beliefs, values, and behavior. Whether we are talking about influencing behavior around health, marketing, education, training, or business, we have a powerful tool available to us. We created “Emotive” to bring together science, information, people, and stories.

And to introduce those of you who are responsible for influencing behavior to an alternative method of persuasion called the “Narrative.” Using Narrative we can radically alter the way information is processed. We know, for example, that when people are transported into a story they stop arguing with the message and they suspend disbelief.

We want to help you learn to take advantage of this amazing fact and help you to understand why your efforts at marketing, education, or training aren’t working as well as you’d like. We believe, that the digital revolution will not live up to its full potential until the first human technology — “storytelling“, is integrated into the latest technology.

The bottom line is that we are storytelling creatures and because that’s true, your story needs to be as powerful as your technology.  So again, welcome to Emotive – the Heart and Science of Persuasion.

Emotive Storytelling™ encourages behavior change through the use of narrative communication, neuroscience, digital media and mobility. Narrative Communication as a source of emotive persuasion and education has a long history and a sound scientific underpinning. Emotive Storytelling™ integrates the emotional power of the storytelling, cinematic technique, neuroscience, health games, mhealth (mobile health), digital tools and internet technology to drive user engagement, adherence and behavior change in healthcare marketing, education and business.
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