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School of Public Health, St. Louis University

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“Storytelling offer distinct advantages: overcoming resistance, facilitating understanding, providing surrogate social connections, and presenting emotional and existential issues.”

Richard Satava, MD, FACS – Healthcare Future Visionary

Richard Satava, MD, FACS

“Gerard, this digital storytelling strategy is a revolutionary intervention ideal for the emerging vision of healthcare. We are finding that technology alone is not moving the meter in improving patient outcomes at the level we need. Your emotional approach combined with mobile health and big data has great promise for bringing humanity, healthcare and technology together in a meaningful way.”

Health Education and Behavior Journal

Health Education and Behavior

“In the rapidly growing field of health communication, narrative approaches (storytelling) are emerging as a promising sent of tools for motivating and supporting health behavior change.

Jonathan Gottschall – Author The Storytelling Animal

Jonathan Gottschall

“Neuroscience of brains on fiction (viewing stories) gives us a clue. If you slide a person into an FMRI machine that watches the brain while the brain watches a story, you’ll find something interesting–the brain doesn’t look like a spectator, it looks more like a participant in the action. Stories powerfully hook and hold human attention because, at a brain level, whatever is happening in a story is happening to us and not just them.”

Pamela Rutledge, Ph.D., M.B.A. – Director Media Psychology Research Center

Pamela Rutledge, PhD

“Our brains still respond to content by looking for the story to make sense out of the experience. No matter what the technology, the meaning starts in the brain. This is the psychological power of storytelling. Stories are authentic human experiences. Stories leap frog the technology and bring us to the core of experience.”

Annals of Behavioral Medicine

Annals of Behavioral Medicine

“Storytelling approaches benefit those with lower health literacy and lower self-efficacy for understanding data and information.”

James Rosser, MD, FACS – Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeons

James Rosser, MD, FACS

“Gerard, I love what you are doing here. You are telling stories that have a clear objective. They are believable and passionate. It’s not manipulating or managing people. It’s about engagement. This is the way to move people and patients to action.”