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Marc Neff MD, Director, Surgeon Eat2Beat Obesity

Marc Neff MD2 fp“Gerard, I believe your tools can transform transform and equip us as physicians and help address a national public health crises. Emotive Storytelling takes us back to what made medicine a noble healing profession. It moves us forward with an engaging format for both patients and providers to benefit.”

Bill Eddy JD, CEO High Conflict Institute

Bill Eddy fp“Gerard, we have been speaking to the wrong brain. After years of work in mediation, conflict resolution and substance abuse I’ve become a believer in your story approach. Emotive Storytelling connects with the “right” brain. It connects with people in the right way.”

Eric Rasmussen MD, CEO Infinitum Humanitarian Systems

eric rasmussen 2 fp“Remarkable, Gerard. Timely and needed more than the vast proportion of American healthcare system realizes. This also helps organizations expand outreach, increase effectiveness and improve human-to-human connections.”