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Healing Stories from Survivors and Warriors #3

The Anatomy of a Story: Dr. Gerard Gibbons, Visual Eyes Inc.

We’d like to show you an example of a small part of an emotive story focusing on how emotions can be used to provide a powerful resolution to a story.  Healing stories, like most stories, have three elements of plot:  Conflict which identifies the problem to be solved; Climax, the point of highest tension, and Resolution, the end of the story. In this clip you see the sad resolution of a story about suicide.  This is indeed the end of the story.
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Stories About Nothing


Nature abhors a vacuum and so do we.

Nature abhors a vacuum and so do we. Nature filled the original void with stars, planets and galaxies. When we encounter a gap in our knowledge, we tend to fill it with stories. Not surprisingly, our most enduring stories focus on the origins of our universe—and ourselves.

Most religions include a creation story—the most familiar, of course, being “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Continue Reading →